Ty Downing

Who is Ty? He is a seasoned internet marketing strategist, and social media enthusiast.  Having spent the past 9 years or so in this field, Ty is constantly challenged to educate himself in the world of social media, search engine marketing, and unraveling the mysterious algorithms of search engines.  He has been recognized as a thought leader and influencer by several corporations and notables in his field. Ty has spoke and presented nationally and internationally on a variety of topics from search to social media, training businesses and educating dozens.

Currently Ty is the CEO of Perspective Internet Marketing, a full service search marketing firm, and CEO of SayItSocial, a social media marketing and consulting company which focuses on corporate social media education, training and strategy. Ty is actively involved is strategy and measuring campaigns for clients, small and enterprise, so he doesn’t just talk the talk, he speaks with experience.