Mobile Movie Apps, More Than Just Movies…

Posted by on Nov 25, 2009 in Google | 0 comments

This morning Mashable posted an article about a new Google search feature for mobile devices. Just fire up your iPhone, Droid or WebOS phone, go to Google and search for “movies”, and click on the “More movies” link. Take a look at the video below.

As much as I like Google, there are far more powerful “apps” that give you more than movie information, take for example “Flixster” app.  It geo-targets your location and provides places nearby to eat at after the movie (Pics below), upcoming movies, dvd sales and much more. Fandango app is also a movie app.  Overall, I love what Google is doing, and the video below is pretty cool, but apps turn user experience into just that, “an experience.”

What are your thoughts? Do you use any mobile apps for movies? Which ones do you like, dislike?


Screenshots of the Flixster app.

flixsterty flixstre-1